Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week in Review

So after all the anticipation and excitement about my return to training, I had a very blah week. I keep feeling like I should be super jazzed about running cause I had been so looking forward to it. I can't say that I was willing or happy participant in my runs this week. I went kicking and screaming to it each one of them. Although I was super pleased that I got over my bad attitude and got every mile in. Not sure why the change in mojo but I need something to get me really on track. Plus my calves have taken to my return by wanting to be all tight so I have to do extra work to keep them from getting pissed. Stick, Massage, Stretch, Ice & Repeat ......Perfect example of there being great weeks in a training and also weeks where it is just work and get it done. Hoping the tide will turn next week.

Monday 8 Easy
Tuesday 3 W/U, 5 X 7 minutes, 1 c/d
Wednesday Off
Thursday 3 W/U, 6 Mile Progressive Tempo, 2 C/D
Friday 8 Easy
Saturday 9 Easy
Sunday 14 Easy

Total 59 Miles

1 comment:

  1. Even if it felt like you hated every run and fought it the whole way, it still feelz amazing at the end when you know you got all your miles in right? good job! atleast you got it done.
    what are you training for right now? is it Grandma's? when is it?