Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Its a doosey

Well folks my common cold has me down today. Blah! Yeah I felt sort of bad yesterday but today it hit me way worse and not sure if it due to running with it yesterday.

I am congested - stuffy & sneezy nose, headachy, dry cough and just out of sorts. Hoping a good nights sleep will help so I can run tomorrow. I think it is just a head cold that will pass in a couple days.

Whats good about this cold? While I wish it would have hit me last week. I will take it happening this week. It is happening during my recovery cycle any ways. I will not be missing any key workouts. I may have to take it super easy which is the purpose of a recovery cycle. If I end up with a few more days off - I am sure it is for the better. Glad to get sick in a recovery cycle versus during a heavy training week. Hope this gives me immunity for the rest of the winter and spring.

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