Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Well folks I am going back into training mode which for me means hiberation from Feb through June. It was nice catching up with everyone over the past few weeks of coffee dates, lunch dates, dinners out, generally being around and available for chit-chatting.

This is my last week before I get back to my routine of taking the social life easy and being wholely consumed by running & family. By doing this, I allow myself to recharge and focus on my family in the evenings. I have found it to a be a good balance and worked well in the late fall. Plus we are going into baseball season for Christian so I will be a little more distracted.

If I start practing this routine while my miles are relatively low than it will be easy to maintian as the miles climb in this training cycle. I am very excited to take on this next training cycle. The fall mileage gave me confidence that I can handle the step up in mileage. I am really not sure what my next mileage level will be. I am on a need to know basis with that stuff. Although I do try to poke and pry it out of Jeff, he is very elusive about it. I do know that it will be significantly more than my previous cycle and if my next 2 weeks in the 60s is a reflection on where these next 18 weeks will go. I think I might hit the 80s at some point. The only clue I have from Jeff is that an increase in volume and aerobic threshold work is what is in the planning stages for Grandmas. Yippee!

I have almost recovered 100% from my head cold. Although I do have a lingering headache which very well could be the change of seasons headache that I get when we are going through change in season here in the South. Winter is about to pass with plenty of spring like temps and other seasonal changes. Trees are blooming and birds are singing....

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