Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dear Jamie

You’re overwhelmed. You're feeling mentally stuck. Your calf muscles are being bitches. You are unsure if you be even able to run tomorrow.

You’re searching for answers - the right, perfect, easy answers.

The tough love: reaching your potential isn’t easy. Nothing great is supposed to be. If it was, how would we grow? How would we realize our full potential if we weren’t stretched and challenged? If were not tested with obstacles - How would learn to fight? How would we learn to have faith? How would know you truly wanted this? The thing is - Fighting for your dream is going hurt in so many ways. You are risking your heart and being so vulnerable to the turbulant nature of the journey. You were made to run and do this thing! You were not put on this earth to hide in your house and wait for your dream to come true. You were made to CREATE it. In life and running, you have to invest to make things happen. You have to do the work - day in and day out. All of the work - the runs, the workouts, the little stuff, the mental work and you will have to focus everyday. The timing will never be perfect. I repeat: the timing will never be perfect. This is your time. This is the only life you get. This moment is all you really KNOW you have. Deep down, you know that. You have everything you need right now to do what’s on your heart. Why live in fear of what other people think? Why live in fear of the unknown?

You are going to get stuck mentally, physically, and emotionally. You are going to come up against obstacles. You may make a mistake. But, remember: there are no mistakes, only lessons. It’s your choice… stay stuck OR get a move on. The kicker: your reward for stepping into the fear is the unmistakable joy of living your life instead of renting it. Your dream is worth leaping for. Today is the day you get unstuck!! Relax, enjoy the work and let God handle the details.

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