Monday, November 12, 2012

A day late and a dollar richer - Week In Review

So I didn't get to blog yesterday about my great weekend and friends I got to spend time with this week.

We are still nursing this leg back to health and being careful with it while returning to volume that I was at before. I am at a place of being okay with it not running miles in the 60-70s. Yes, there is part me that is screaming to be 100% but there is part of me that knows that I am here for a reason and being content with where I am instead wishing the circumstances where different. I only have 2 choices to be happy & content with where I am or be frustrated with where I had hoped to be. I think being happy is paramount so I have let go of the needing for it to be the way I had pictured my fall training to play out. I guess God has a different plan which is probably better than mine anyway. If God brought me to it, he will bring me through.

Very happy that I have been able to maintain my fitness through this speed bump.

Monday 8 miles AG
Tuesday 9 miles - 3 easy, 4 @ 7:25, 2 c/d
Wednesday 8 easy
Thursday 8 easy
Friday Core & Acupunture
Saturday Power Yoga
Sunday 18 easy

What is meant to be will always find a way to be :-) Namaste!

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