Friday, November 16, 2012

Some things just don't Go the Easy way

I saw this and was like yeah that about sums up this past year of training. It has been squiggly in circles and some step backs only to step forward only to go in circles again. I do know that in spite of all the circles & back-forths there has been tremendous progress even though there has been no race time to prove it.

I think some the progress has come from things that are not tangible like my spirit to Never Give Up has been put to the test like a million times over. My faith is being stretched and I am becoming more at peace in a spiritual way.

I have given up the need to control the how outcome and just knowing is has to be sometime in my future is enough to help relax and let go to enjoy the ride and the people that are making this journey so so so special. I have been blessed with many amazing people to help me along in this journey.

All the hearts and hands that have taken such care to keep me going.

Just yesterday while at PT office, I told him we have 4 weeks of training left to my marathon. He response gave me so much peace and gratitude. He had basically comment so much effort to keep me healthy! I am so thankful for all the love, support and encouragment I get at that office from my PT, to all the PT assistants, the front desk gal all cheer me on while grind out endless miles on the AlterG. So much gratitude to them for letting me abuse their AlterG! What a gift!!

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