Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pinnacle Pose

Yesterday while at yoga, I had this epihany as my favorite yoga instructor made a comment during our practice that the pose we were currently in was preparing for the pinnacle final pose towards the end of class.

If you practice yoga than you understand that every pose builds into the next one. You first work at warming up muscles slowly to allow them to go deeper. You do less intense poses as you open up more and more muscle groups so that by the end of class you are prepared for that one pinnacle pose.

Yesterday we were moving towards the beautiful & graceful cross-legged dancer. Early poses like half moon, warrior III and standing splits were all preparing the body and mind for balance, length and strength so that when you moved into this amazing pose that you did it fluidly without resistance.

I was thinking about this as this is how life works. Our entire life is moving us towards our pinnacle pose so that we will rise up fluidly and with grace for that point where we going into our pose with calm strength. We will not stumble and fall as our entire life has been building up the strength and balance needed to reach our potential. You can look at each experience as a lesson that has strengthen you and allowed you to move into the next lesson. Be thankful for all the experiences that allow you to move into your next lesson/pose.

Trust that each part of your life is building you towards your pinnacle pose.

"I am thankful for all my experiences and people that have come into my life that have taught me different lessons, have allowed or even forced me to go deeper and have played a part in moving me closer to my pinncale pose."

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