Thursday, November 8, 2012

Being Comfortable Being Alone

Today while running an 8 miler I had this thought about why I will succeed as a distance runner and on this path that I have chosen.

First being a distance runner and training mostly on your own requires you to spend a lot of time alone. You have be very comfortable being with alone for long periods of time with no one to distract your thoughts. You have to almost need that peace.

I realized today that since I am training for a marathon through the winter I will be doing most of the running alone. I did it last year and it was just a theraputic experience. The torture of running in the summer made seek out more companionship to distract from the demands of pushing my body around in heat & humidity while suffering Much easier when you have a friend to chat with and who is also feeling the pain. They say misery likes company so that about sums up my summer and early fall running.

Now I am completely comfortable putting in the miles alone in these temps. Just my thing but that brings me back to being able to be alone with yourself for hours.

I was thinking about how my mom told me that as a child that I would often be found alone away from others doing my own thing being alone in my own world. I did not need to have company and didn't seek out the comfort that my sisters and brothers needed. This is so much me and this personality trait followed with me throughout my life and still holds true. I very much need long periods of time alone to be in my own head without distractions. I know that this was something my husband has struggled with me since the beginning of our relationship. I would always seek alone time when he would seek out time together. He almost never requires time alone so we are almost on the opposite ends of the spectrum on this. We have found a balance and he definitely knows when I am needing alone time and is very respectful when I am seeking solice away from the family, him included. Even being a part of a sorotity in college, I was apart of the group but very much a lone wolf doing my own thing and being in my own world away from the business and socialiness of the soroty house.

Anyway I realized today that this very personality trait is required as a distance runner and one that needs to put in a lot work to reach their potential. Solitude to me is like coming home and is such a peace place for my spirit and soul to rest.

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  1. Hey Jamie, interesting comments about training by yourself over the winter. The upcoming weather in Denver will be around freezing which made me not excited about upcoming runs. I can handle being alone but I need to work on being okay with the cold. Rosalie