Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back to the Iron

So one of my struggles that has been confirmed is that my iron level is low and suspect for my ups and downs for the past 6 months. Should have know but you think oh I eat meat so I am fine and even when my coach suspected that was cause of my crash & burn in October and inconsistent performances both in racing & training, I still was not sold on the low iron being the root cause.

We suspected it and I went on iron for a week and when I didn't see any difference, yes, I stopped taking it as I just thought that I was fatigued and not fit. How one runs 60-70+ mpw for 6 months is out of shape does not make sense but that is how the low iron made me feel - tired and out of shape. There were days I could not run a 10 minute mile and was bombing work outs. It just got worse and worse till I was so tired that I could not even run at all. I took a week off to recover from this fatigue.

Anyway as of Monday, I am officially on an iron supplement that should help me continue to train while restoring my Iron stores. I am taking in 50-60 mg of liquid iron to help boost the iron stores. Once my iron has come back up, I will than stay on the iron to help maintain my iron stores.

I am hoping to feel the effects of the iron supplementing within the next week. No wonder after my week of rest I felt so fast like I was souped up on EPO, nope just had good iron stores.

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  1. Interesting. Since our FB conversation, I have been trying to eat more meat and I feel a lot better. That logy feeling is awful. My case is still unconfirmed as I keep having to push out doctor appointments. Glad you are feeling better. You are going to do great.