Monday, November 26, 2012

When one door closes

We all have heard this saying when one door closes another one opens. I wonder how many of us makea conciuos effort to remember this and have faith when that door we wanted so bad closes on us!

I felt that way yesterday. I was grieving the closing of a door and full well knowing that another door would open but my heart had a hard time letting go of the door I had fought hard to open for myself and to know it was closing my heart was aching. I cried on & off trying to figure out a way to let it go and asking god to help me let it go. Eventually I was able to look at the close door and say good bye and move on from it knowing God would open another sometime soon for me. So I let it be, picked my chin up and reminded myself that my jounrey does not end cause one door closed on me. Knowing God was good and would provide me an answer I was able to let go of the pain and embrace the joy of day and all that is good in my life. And wouldn't you know it that my next door opened in a unexpected and exciting way.

I got to thinking this afternoon that it is so easy to stay sobbing at the door that closes. Thinking of the what ifs, but I wanted and why nots and letting yourself wallow it. It would be so so so so easy to do that! It is the hardest thing to pick yourself up, smile and say that is okay I know there is a better way somewhere out there and I will wait patiently for that door to appear.

I think many never really see the new door open because their heart and mind are stuck so much staring at the closed door thinking of ways it will reopen and why did it have to close. It is simply not going to open again and the sooner you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and smile the sooner you will get to the good stuff that is waiting for you!!

It is a leap of faith to let go of that closed door!

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