Thursday, November 15, 2012

Letting Go is a process

I was speaking with my sister about the recent bumps in my road and my leg and she said something that was so powerful and struck a cord in my heart. God is just getting your attention!

That really opened up my heart to know that by staying in faith and relying more on God and less on myself than I am going to be okay.

When you leave things up to that higher power you are just more free to enjoy the process and live life to the fullest. No worrying about the hows and whys, jus tknowing it is going to be is such a powerful feeling.

This unplanned area of uncertaintly is actually forcing me to take everything day by day and live more in the moment which is such a beautiful thing that I am thankful for. Just being okay with whatever God lets unfold in my life on any given as I know his plans are to ultimately elevate me not harm me.

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