Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12 Days

Today I am really starting to have a million and one emotions. I think I move between these emotions very quickly in a moment I float between all to of them - excitement, fear, elation, delight, intent, doubt, peace, gratitude and a very real joy.

The fatigue of last week has pasted and has been replaced with anticipation all the good to come. It is sort of like a kids 12 days of Christmas. It is the 12 days of a taper.

So much can happen in a marathon and so much can happen in the build-up to a marathon. You need to get yourself to the line healthy and ready to go. And from there any can happen! The unknown of it all is what makes it so elusive and exciting. The marathon is a race where you have to make more decisions that will effect your fate more than any other race. Will you be able to run past the hurt & discomfort? Will you be able mentally hold it together? Will I have you be able to kick at mile 20? Will your training prepare you for your goal? The unknown of what can make happen in the course 26 miles it where doubt and fear creep in. You have fight that doubt so hard to make it go away. Replace it with faith, trust in God, trust in Jeff and trust my stuff.

I want to say that I took all the knowledge, trained as smart & hard as I could, raced it as smart & hard as I could and whatever comes of this effort will be mine to own and something I can be proud of.

Let your FAITH be bigger, than your fear! - Unknown

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