Sunday, January 29, 2012

Excited for another Push!

I am very much looking forward to getting back into the swing of training this week. Although the mileage is still fairly low I will be returning a regular running pattern. I ran of total of 17 miles since the marathon. This is the least I have ever run in a recovery but I feel 100% awesome. My energy level is super high and my legs feel amazing. I think physically and mentally I am ready to head back into the routine of training. Those 2 recovery weeks left me hungry like a cheetah starving in the desert.

Again the mileage is very low but the regular runs will help me reestablish the routine of training. Than I get to start getting after it in the following weeks.

8 weeks to get after at Tobacco Road Half to see what my fitness which is guide the 3 months of training following Tobacco Road.

I am hoping for 1:36-1:37 at Tobacco Road Half which would set me up nicely for a good run at Grandma's.

I think I am also going to try to run Racefest Half in April for PR but we'll have to wait and see if Jeff wants me to race it all out or use it as a training run. Either way I think it will be fun to run.

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