Wednesday, January 25, 2012


OMG! This AM I think it finally hit me "I qualified for BOSTON". This was wall of emotion that I hadn't yet experienced and it has been like 9 days and hadn't had any feeling towards this accomplishment. I had felt relieved but any not overwhelming emotions and I was not sure why. People would congratulate me and I would graciously accept their words but I honesty wasn't feeling it yet. And this AM it dawned on me what I did 9 days ago. I finally did it and qualified for BOSTON. I am not sure what had held me back from feeling this deep sense of satisfaction or happiness wrapped up in gratitude but I didn't have it. I was almost emotionless when it came to something I had worked very hard for.

I think part of was trigger by two conversations I had yesterday, one with my close friend, Steph who has been my biggest cheerleader and supporter! She asked me what I thought and about my time 3:32 cause she was thinking that it was really smokin fast :-) I was feeling very indifference and didn't know why. Than I spoke to my Dad in the late afternoon, he was recapping to me how excited he was on that morning watching my splits. He was like flabbergasted at the pace and he keep saying you were getting faster and faster and he remembered the splits times from each point. Ah! I think it finally home yesterday and into this AM.

I now join the ranks of the 5-6% of marathoners that will ever qualify for Boston. Even with the new and tougher registration standards for 2013, I will have plenty of wiggle room to ensure a place on the starting line. From women 35-over in 2012, the standard was 3:45 and for 2013 it is 3:40. Additionally because I qualified in with a 3:32, I will get to register in the 5 minute or faster window which gives me more security to get it. It is sad that so many that qualified under the old standard did not get to run Boston as it filled up so quickly for Boston 2012.

I will get to go this event that I have watch on TV for the past couple of years, I will get to run with those of runners who dreamed the same dream and worked very hard to get there, I will get to run down some of most famous running roads. WOW!!! BOSTON 2013 WOW!

Last night as I was laying with my daughter putting her to bed, she was wearing a t-shirt from the Houston marathon that I gave her. She asked me when my next race and I said not for awhile but mommy will go alone to and she said but will get to go to Boston with you right :-) Aw,,, they sure will go! I want to them to be apart of why mommy had worked so hard, I want them to feel the energy and excited of that day!! I am blessed with children that are so loving that they would want to stand in the cold for hours for me.

Anyway here is to Boston and getting it done!!!!

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