Friday, January 27, 2012

Tummy Troubles Maybe Answered!

OMG! I am so excited to have an answer to my tummy troubles during my races and sometimes on occasion at other times.

Since Houston, I have been feeling this tightness in my admomin. I describe it as though the muscles tighten up during the race which caused the severe cramping sensation but this tightness has dulled since Houston but still remains. Like tight muscles that just won't release. Anyway with the days passing, I did stay to be concern about this constant tightness I had been feeling. I had a dr about this AM to investigate as I was starting to think the worse. Ah! All my worries were put to rest with my dr diagnose. IBS! Ah now this is not the IBS you'all think when someone says IBS because I have never felt those symptoms but rather this tightness across my stomach like a vise-like grib on my stomach that locks down and does not ease up. Yes it will ease up after race to some degree but the muscle stays contracted for a long time. He said that when your body is under stress, physical or mental, your stomach muscles surrounding the intestines become overactive and contract more. OMG! This makes perfect sense. We are going to try an antispasmodic prescription to see it this relieve the muscle tightness and hopefully it will be something I can use when I race.

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