Monday, January 23, 2012

It's a plan man

Excited to have nailed down my training plans for the year. Actually for the next 16 months we have a trajectory set.

I know I talked about no June marathon. Well have considering all my options, training limitations & late summer/fall asthma & allergies(summer with kids home) and available races within the training timeframe. With those things in mind, the June marathon was reestablished. Instead of Charlevoix in June, it is the fabulously famous Grandmas were the elites go to hit home runs in terms of PRs. I figure why not go there myself and scoop up another PR and enjoy this beautiful race. I don't have a time goal set as of yet. This is something we'll look to do after the Tobacco Rd Half. It mostly definitely will be sub 3:30 and I am hoping @ 3:25 if TR plans out as it is expected too. I will definitely be willing to work hard for 5 months to get a nice 3:25.

I feel really good about this goal. You know it is a good decision when you don't have the nagging feeling after the decision is made. I feel very comfortable and at ease with it.

After this June Marathon, I will definitely take the Fall and Winter off from marathon training and hit the half marathon hard in December. Than train for BOSTON! At first my intention wasn't to train hard for Boston but seriously I am going to go to BOSTON flying :-)

So this plan appeased Jeff's desire for me to take 8-9 months off from the marathon and but also keeps things rolling this winter. I feel like I really want to keep the momentum and routine from the fall and roll into Duluth in June with confidence and excitement.

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