Monday, January 30, 2012

Motherhood & Dreams

Last evening, my daughter returned my Houston medal to me after her 2 week hold on it. As soon as I crossed the finishline and meet with my family, she took quick possession of it and has carried it with her every since. I asked her at bedtime if I could have it back one day :-) She reached under her pile of pillows on her bed searching for it. It touched my heart that she had been keeping in her bed under pillows. Sometimes as mothers we don't know the things we do have such an impact on our children. Last night I was so smitten that this medal was special enough to her to put in the pile of things she thinks are special which she keeps on her bed & under her pillows.

So sometimes Moms when you think pursing your goals and your dreams whatever they maybe are selfish because they take you away from your children. Remember that your pursuit is not selfish as you are touching your children's hearts . I have questioned my pursuit in the past as I know all moms do. Remember this Moms, by you pursing your dreams and letting your children bear witness to your journey, you are giving them one of the greatest gifts in life - the ability to believe in themselves and courage to chase their dreams. They can't be what they can't see!!

Do your life and let your children see how strong and awesome you are!!!!

This is a quote a friend shared with me a while back and when I wrote this post I went looking for it.

Remember what you love to do. Don't put it in a chest in the attic of your being and leave it for your kids to find long after you are gone. Mom liked to write? Mom was a runner? Mom could swim? Mom did ballet? Mom had a beautiful voice? Mom painted? Mom could act? Mom climbed mountains? Mom liked camping? Mom played guitar? Mom was a good photographer? Mom spoke French? Mom jumped horses? Let your children see you do your thing. Let your friends come watch you. Let your husband fall in love again with that cool, interesting chick he married. Let yourself be you

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