Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ball of Nerves

And not due to the marathon. My son Christian has been on & off ill with something in is tummy since Saturday. After going to the drs yesterday, we still do not have a good & clear explanation for his tummy pain. The Dr thinks his stomach lining is irritated from a cold virus that is causing drainage to his tummy. She said he was fine and his stomach pain would pass but after 4 days of not eating I am a ball of nerves worrying over him. I sent him to school this AM but I can't help but think about him there in class with him tummy hurting. I will most likely try to get him after lunch if he if his tummy is still hurting. It just so hard cause you don't want them to get behind in school so we'll take it day by day. Praying his tummy comes around soon.

For all you moms out there, you know when you child is sick you can do nothing but worry over them.

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  1. So sorry, Maddy was sick last week :(
    Hope he feels better soon.