Friday, January 20, 2012

Where to go from here...

While some of you may have heard from me or facebook. I ran a 3:32:13 while I am pleased with the 14 minute PR part of me is disappointed that it wasn't the day I dreamed of and I had a few unexpected obstacles that didn't allow for me to get sub-3:30. The goal for Houston was 3:26-3:29 and both my coach and I are confident that my fitness had conditions been ideal I would have achieved those times. Frickin my Garmin had me at 26.56 with 7:58 Average pace - more proof that you can't trust your garmin - hehehehe. Well you can a little but I was running in circles in those first 9 miles so I very well could have picked up the extra .36. Anyway I think am a ready to move-on from it emotionally. My coach pointed out the fact that if this had happen a year ago I would mentally folded and ran another mediocre race and I knew that statement to be true. So I am proud of myself for staying calm through those 9 miles of torture and not giving up :-) I did the best I could on that day and that is something to be proud of as well. That I can honestly look into my heart and know that I didn't give up so I can walk away with pride knowing I will live to fight another day in another race with the emotional confidence that I can come against these obstacles I will not give up! The Jamie of 6 months would not be able to feel this way. Here is to emotional growth - Woo Woo!

Where do I go from here? Well that question has been weighing on me all week. My coach wants me to consider putting off another marathon for 11 months to develop my speed and really move that half marathon time down. Rather than looking at the marathon in 20 week segments - looking at in 38 weeks - first the half marathon build up and than the marathon build which should reap more time improvements rather the traditional 6 months build-up.

One great thing about focusing on the half is I get to keep the mileage up there but I won't have the 20 & 22 miles which for me are tough stuff. Give me 16 to 18 miles but there is just something really tough about a 20-22 miler that takes lots of prep and care.

I think I am going to continue to consider my options over the weekend and hope to make a decision sooner rather than later as indecisiveness makes me uneasy. I like to plot a course and start sailing. It always help with the unstructureness of recovery to know the recovery is going to make you stronger for your next go around with the marathon.

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” -Douglas Adams

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