Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ah!!! My Stars a-line for Kiawah this week!

I want to jump and down and tell anyone in listening distance!!! My stars have aligned for this weekends race!!!! Yippee for me :-)
What am I talking about!!! Boys cover your ears and hum like you can't hear!!! My period started today.. Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Can you feel my excitement! There is a buzz in the air. Yeah it is a gray and crappy day out but my period started today so all is right in the world. About now I am sure you are thinking she what is smoking!!!! What I am talking is this recently article I read - you can take a minute to read if you so care but basically this study says that it is most ideal for women to race mid-way through their monthly cycle. Freakin A - stars aline - guess whats in 3 days?? My hormones, plasma level and ability use glycogen will be ready for a peak performance. Woo Hoo - Good news ahy??? So know you can see why I am over the moon about my period showing up today!! Now I will keep a look out at for other freak occurences to further prove to myself that I am meant to run strong and fearless this week.
Peace out and may your stars be aligned!!

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