Thursday, December 8, 2011

Calm Confidence

What is this strange feeling I have about me of late?
Happiness and contentment in the face of impending achievement. I have never felt this relaxed in the days leading up a race that I intend to race. It is almost like a since of knowing that all will be well. And it will be well..I am confident in my ability to executed the plan and I am at ease with how much discomfort I may encounter. This discomfort has been my training partner for the last several months. I do not fear him but rather welcome him to my side. I greet him with a smile in acknowledgement of his presence and know he will be with me for away so I find away to be happy & calm in his presence. For without him, I will not be doing what I am meant to being to doing. He is the reassurance that I am on the right path.
I plan to practice dealing with him in Kiawah. I don't really have time goal but a goal to greet my friend, run with him and let him push me to knew limits so that I can send a new message to mind & body that more is possible for Houston. Although anytime sub-1:40 will be very delightful!
Confidence is courage at ease.

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