Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who Says....

If you have a daughter between the ages 4-16, you probably know of Selena Gomez. Beautiful girl with one amazing voice! You probably heard the song "Who Says" a billion times...
I was listening to song with my daughter yesterday and so touched by the words. Dancing with my daughter I realized these words go to the core of our dreams...Who says you can't be everything you set out to be??? Only you can say...I want to live this way and show my children that their dreams and who they want to be it determined only by them. We are only limited to own ability to dream and believe.
I am no beauty queen, I am just beautiful me. You have every right to a beautiful life!
I feel if I live in this manner I will past this legacy onto my children to always believe in their beauty and be everything that want to in life.

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