Monday, December 19, 2011

Getting Keyed up!

Is Keyed a word?? Anyway I am keyed up and doubley jazzed about my workout tomorrow. I love the feeling of excitement surrounding a key workout. Tomorrow I get to do a 2X4 @ HMP which should prove fun and exciting. I love workouts that push you hard but you have to hold back enough not to go to the well. Riding the line is really become something I have been enjoying in these threshold workouts. If you cross over that line than you jeopardize the purpose of the workout and prolong recovery. I have really become good at riding that line without dipping a toe on the otherside. I am not sure why all distance runners don't love, love, love threshold workouts but I totally love them to the nth level and wish they came around more than once a week! Crap I haven't done one in 3 weeks. Maybe that is why I am so excited tomorrow to come.
These runs allow me to run fast without feeling like I am going to die a slow death like speed stuff. Tomorrow should also be very telling in terms of how much my body has adapted in the last few weeks and give more feedback on how prepared I am to run goal pace in less than 4 weeks. After this workout, I have only have 2 hard efforts left. So I have to make the most of each mile I am running.
A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat,
determination and hard work. - Colin Powell

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