Saturday, December 24, 2011

Notes of Faith

Today I had my 22 miler. It was going to be a test of all the hard work I have put in and the mental capacity to overcome. Two weeks in the 70s and a hard 10 miler had my legs thoroughly fatigued. I felt the fatigue about 9 miles in and knew I had 3 more easy miles till the real work began. Prayers were set in motion at that point. Got to mile 12 with legs heavy and tired said one more prayer and moved onto my marathon paced miles. First mile clicked off a bit slow 7:58, mile 2 ugh 7:59, I needed get my legs turning over more quickly. That is when my miracle appeared. I starting seeing notes of faith written in chalk on the trail. I had passed this section only an hour earlier and these were not there. First one said Have Faith in a children's handwriting! What?? Okay I needed some faith to get my legs turning over, than Faster, Faster appeared, You can do it, followed by never give up, followed by God loves you, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday Jesus, Keep Going and Good Job. My heart literally started melting and my legs starting moving. I passed the 8 year old boy that was writing these notes of faith and thanked him with my whole heart. He yelled to me Merry Christmas and God loves you. These words allowed me not to feel so alone out there and fueled my final marathon miles. 7:56, 7;53, 7:50, 7;50, 7:50, 7:5i, 7:46 - @ 7:54 for all my MP miles. Finishing these miles my mind and legs were spent. I literally wanted to stop. I mulled it over quite a few timesin my head 20 is as good as 22. I put in the work - you don't have to keep going. These thoughts were so so so enticing! And then the notes of faith started again - Don't give up, You are almost there, God loves you, Keep Going. I kept going to finish out my 22 miles with tears of joy streaming down my face. Who knew these young boys words would effect me so deeply.
Happy Birthday Jesus and Thank you!!! Merry Christmas to you all.

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