Friday, December 23, 2011

Please go away!

I realized yesterday that blogging is different than facebook. In the facebook you can control to some extent who sees your photos and personal information. In the blogging world, you open your content to everyone without restrictions.
I have been using my blog to document my journey and connect with family & friends that wouldn't otherwise know what I am up too because chasing your dreams sort of turns you into a hermit when you are juggling motherhood, wifedom, 60-70 mpw, and handling all of life's demands. I have really enjoyed writing even more for the benefit of getting my thoughts and words out like a journal or dairy. It has been therapeutic and empowering at the same time.
I noticed that my blogged was being viewed by some in Germany and Russia. How does this content extend so far. Amazing! I also realized it was being following by some of those false friends that I wrote about a few weeks back. That realization smacked me in the face and I was like I want to stop writing because this stuff is so personal. It is basically my running diary which makes the content vulerable and leaves me vulerable to the opinions of others. These false friends I would not invite in my front door by I am giving them access to my heart and dreams. This made me feel so upset and really considered shutting this blog down so they no longer had access to me. Yes, to some extent, I am at fault as I had invited some of these false friends to view my blog before I knew their of their true nature.
In the end this would only hurt me as I have grown so much and so have enjoyed having this blog as an outlet. That act would take away from my true friends. I know one friend who has been alongside me sharing our life & running joy & sorrows since we met at mile 20 of marathon almost 3 years ago who miss this blog tremendously (wink, wink).
So pubicily on this blog as witnessed by the guy in Germany and gal in Russia, if you are a false friend, you need not come here. You are not welcome here into my heart and thoughts.
*** If you are wondering if you fit in the false friend catergory. You probably do if you are at all wondering this. My true friends know without a shadow of doubt of my appreication and love for them.
For other readers that enjoy my blog - you are welcome here this is just a plea to those false people in my life to go away.

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