Friday, December 16, 2011

Run 10 and Relax

I had easy 10 miler today that I really needed mentally and emotionally. I think some pre-race & pre-taper nerves were getting to me this AM as well all that I have to do with the holidays approaching, pre-run I felt very stressed. Before I left for my run I was just all over the map with what I needed to get done today and was very stressed. I had to be at the school for Christians Holiday Presentation and than planned to run afterwards. I left for my run as I planned to run at Riverwalk which is a nice trail near a river just 10 minutes from my home. I got there and I realized I left my garmin at home. UGH! I wanted the garmin so I headed home back to retrieve it. By the time I got started running I really had some real angst to work out. My mood just didn't allow me to stroll along at the slow end of my easy and by mile 3, I was moving very top-end of my easy range. I really had to work reign myself in as by mile 5 I was running 8:20s and just really working through some emotions I was having. I think I was able to get most of the angst out by mile 9 and settled down for a cool-down mile. Nothing like a moderately hard easy run to soothe ya out and make you think straight. I just hope that it didn't take too much out of the tank as I have 10 miles @ marathon pace on tap for tomorrow. I better start eating...

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