Friday, December 30, 2011

Houston is not a big deal :-)

Say what!!! Houston - not a big deal??? Well it is and it isn't. In the grand scheme of my long term goals it is just a building block. Although short-term it is very exciting to see where the hard work of the last several months will take me on marathon day.
I think it helps me mentally to have perspective on how Houston sits in my long term plans. It is not the end all be all but a chance to see where my legs can take me. I am excited to see how I fair after 20 miles @ sub-8 paces and to see if I can close hard in the final 10K. In way, I feel like if I look at the race plan & execute it like a workout than everything will fall into to place. I think looking at it differently frees me up not to place to much emotional & mental value on the outcome just like a workout - yes, I want to nail the workout but there isn't a do or die mentality assigned to it.
I think in my last couple of marathons, I placed too much stress on myself for a great outcome and guess what "I choked". Yes, I had tummy issues but after lots of time to look back at those marathons, I think the pressure I placed on myself resulted in tummy troubles. I never felt that way in a training run and only in races so I think it was a direct result of pressures that I allowed in.
Marathons are funny and very different from other distances in that they test more than just your fitness. If the only thing that was going to be tested was my fitness, I would say confidently "hey I am for sure in for a great race". I trust my fitness and training like I have never before. I am keeping my fingers crossed & hoping my shoe selection will hold up for the distance, hoping that my nutrition plan keeps my tummy in check and that weather ensures good running conditions.
In the end these are not variables I can control so I can not worry over them. Yes, I can hope for the best on race day but in the end they are beyond my control. I give it to God to sort out that stuff and need my mind stay out of my bodies way to do what, Jeff and I, have trained it to do. And God willing - Run a kick ass marathon!

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