Monday, December 26, 2011

The Final Push

I am sorry if I lead you all to believe this intense cycle has been easy. For weeks, I was handling it all with so much ease and excitement. I even pondered with my coach why I wasn't feeling tired with these workouts and mileage.
Well this weekend this all caught up with me big time! I was spent and thrashed the entire weekend. I was barely forming sentences on Saturday evening. And on Christmas Day, I keep sneaking into the comforts of my bed while the kids were watching Christmas movies and playing with their new toys. I had two recovery runs yesterday that I struggled with. I felt a very low amount of energy and felt I was on the verge of the flu while running. I knew it was just my immune system reacting to the lack of energy (carb) stores. I was feverish, clammy, nausea and achy. I drug my body slowly through these 2 runs. These runs were purely motivated by the will to do the necessary work and not of the joy of running. Although I was delightfully greeted by crossing paths with a few deer in my evening run.
For those you that haven't experienced that sudden dip in energy, it the running world this is called cumulative fatigue. And wow was I socked with it this weekend. I went to bed last night @ 9:30PM dreaming a day off but knowing I don't have one for 3 days. I am hoping today's easy run goes much better than yesterday. Hoping that all the eating of cookies this weekend restocked my glycogen stores and my run will have a little pep.
One plus of running high mileage over the holidays, you do a free pass to eat without worrying about gaining weight.
Today begins the official first day and week of my taper, although my plan does resemlbe much of a taper as I am still in the high 50s. So I have to keep strong for this final push of hard work this week and know that next week I can rest some, get my highlights done, maybe pluck my eye brows and paint my toenails.

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