Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another Effort Only Run

So here is a vlog I did right before I struggled through a progression run. Just 2 days after a big weekend I had a 7 mile hard effort that I do not think my body was ready for. This weekend took a big toll on me both mentally & phyiscally and I can not say that  my body was a willing participant in todays big effort.

I started at 7:50ish pace and than started trying to drop the pace but in mile 3 my body was not having it. The harder I tried to push under 7:40 the closer I came to vomiting. Some many things started crashing through my mind - WTF was one of them :-) But I knew that this pace should not feel difficult and again the effort & pace were not matching up so I wanted to make sure to get the whole of the workout in and started trying to figure how I was going to run 7 miles hard when I was near vomiting at mile 3. I decided I needed to pull back on pace and not let the garmin to decide effort. Let my body decide whatever it needed to be and not look at the garmin for the remainder of the run. So I worked on keeping pace hard, relaxing and pep talking myself for the next 4 miles. I started think shit if I ever feel this bad at the end of a marathon, start practicing on how to keep my shit together mentally. So I did that ... a couple things came to mind - I started thinking you are already in pain and working hard - get something from it - make it count. So again while pace was not crazy awesome, my mental attitude was! I am proud of myself for struggling while feeling awlful - I didn't stop and I didn't fall apart when I felt really bad - VERY GOOD PRACTICE!

Here is how it went - 2 w/u, 7 @  7:44 - 7:52, 7:46, 7:45, 7:45, 7:45, 7:38, 7:40, 2 c/d = 11 miles

I am tired tonight! So tired that I could not form sentences or thoughts at dinner. My sweet hubby told me go rest I will put the kids down. Love him!!!

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  1. Looks like a pretty successful day! Nice job! - M

  2. You powered through it! That's great mental toughness practice.