Thursday, January 17, 2013

Taking what the Road gives you!

road in a dramatic setting
The title for this blog post came to mind when using it in as a closing sentence in an email to my coach. We both have had to change our thinking on how to handle my training going forward especially as my body adjusts to the thyroid medication (synthetic hormone). I have been on it for a little over a week now and it is a wait and see game. I am not sure if it is my head but I have been more energetic in the past couple of days. Waking easy in the AM, not wanting to crawl into bed at 3PM, 5PM, 6PM, 7PM, etc....the last 2 evenings I have had energy and feel like I can get some stuff done after the kids go to sleep. Usually I am comastosed on the bed or couch in the evenings trying to muster the strength to stretch and do some prehab work before bed. But ah I feel since of energy that I haven't felt in a while who knows it if is me sleeping more, eating well, less stress in general or the thyroids but I hope this trend continues.

Anyway back to taking what the road gives you. In general, I have been super relaxed about what each training day holds, just really taking what the road gives me and not judging it or myself. The habit of my fall training of internalziing every bad run and letting it take some of my confidence is not going to happen any longer. I am fit! I am actually very fit! I am super fit!! hehehe You get the gist! Anyway the habit of letting my bad easy days somehow define how my perception of how fit I am is no longer a habit. A bad and/or super slow easy day is no reflection of how fit I am, it is just that my body is tried and trying to recover. Pushing it to run faster does me no good at all. It just digs me a bigger hole of more recovery time and limits my ability to run fast when I need to.  Now my mind clings to my workouts as how fit I am and I have had some amazingly fast workouts in the last 6 months. I have remember all those rather the bad days.

I once read a quote about not focusing on what is going wrong but focus on what is going right.
It never made sense to me people that focus on the ONE thing that is wrong in a relationship rather than the 100 things that are right!  Foolish.

I am fit!

I am healthy!

My body can handle an amazing workload that even surprises me at times.

I am strong-minded!

I have a huge support system!

I have every resource I could possibly need to do this thing.

I have faith!

I will get there one day and until then I will take what the road gives me!

Focus on the good

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