Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rollercoasters & Monorails

Which one are you riding? 


I thought about this as my coach had messaged me to prepare for the rollercoaster ride of the next couple of weeks. I thought - Geez, I think I have already been on that rollercoaster for a while now which made me start thinking about what real rollercoasters are like. I had worked 5 summers as a ride hosts at Cedar Point Amusement Park that has some of the biggest, baddest coaster on record. I started thinking about those rollercoasters - the huge climbs building excitement and the cresting of the hill and the deep drops - why do people ride these things?  They are terrifying yet so thrilling! No matter how many times you ride them your adrenal rushes through you as you climbing high.

And then there is the Monorail. It is a pleasant and safe ride with nothing unexpected.  You can safely tour the area in a pleasant indoor space. No wind in your hair or bugs in your teeth. While there are no downs on this ride there are also no UPs. Just steady in one direction at one pace...It is safe and it is easy.

This made me think about the choices we make that define us and our outcomes - Are you willing to get on the rollercoaster where you are going to climb to new heights, squeal with excitement and delight but also face the deep lows that come with the excitement?

Or are you on the safe Monorail having a pleasant time but lacking in that true excitement?

I'll stay on my rollercoaster ride!!!! Sign me up!

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