Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Today has been brilliant! In a relaxing and happy way! Reflecting and so excited for the good that 2013 will bring.

Started the day with 10 refreshing miles with training partners that I have been running with more often. Very thankful to have them to pull me around on days I am not into pushing myself. I don't exactly feel like killing it on easy days and if left on my own I might let myself dawdle. Hoping than in a week or so that sluggish that I feel on some days will go away and I will feel strong more often in during runs.

Tomorrow I shall have the big talk with my sports dr about the thyroid panel and he'll put the call in on the meds that I hope I get to start tomorrow. I know it is going take a bit of time to really feel the effects of the meds but at least I won't be stressing my thyroid anymore furthering the fatigue and adding more weight to my thighs :-) I mean that in a loving way.

2013 for me marks change of seasons! I have faithfully planted seeds of faith and seeds of hardwork that I just have a feeling God is going let come to harvest. I feel this sense of certainty and so so so excited and hopeful.

I am believing that God is going bring some of my dreams to pass soon. I am believing that the past 3-4 months of ups & downs were ultimately needed to strengthen and discipline my mind. The physical part of running is easy. It is handling all the ups and downs that is the difficult part and I feel stronger and more ready to handle what may come next.

What will I do to keep working towards my dreams in 2013?? WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!!

New Years Resolution

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