Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Worth the Wait

I waited and waited and then I waited a while longer and then I waited some more and then all of the sudden, while I was still waiting, God blessed me. He allowed me to attain exceedingly and abundantly above all I could have ever thought of or even asked Him for. I am here to testify, it was all well worth the wait.  Glenda
This reminds me of the something my daughter said the other night. She has been determined to be Student of the Month from the beginning of the school year. This is where each teacher in the school selects a child from his/her class to be Student of the Month for their classroom. My daugther has wanted it so bad. In the first couple of months that it didn't happen, she struggled with different feelings. One month one of the other girls in the same grade on our street got Student of the Month. I saw my daugther struggling between her own sadness that she didn't get it and wondering why her friend got it before she did and wanting to be happy for her friend. She did come in the house and cry a bit. I told her that God wants her to be happy for her friend and just because she didn't yet get Student of the Month doesn't mean she isn't going to get it one day. She just had to be happy, do her best everyday and it will happen. Anyway long story short, she came home the other day so happy!! She annouced her friend Emily got student of the month! She told me she was so happy for her friend that her heart ached!!!
That made me so genuinely proud of her and the way she worked through this :-) Now she says to me every morning "Mommy, I believe I can be Student of the Month" :-) Oh Baby girl!! She will one day get it and be so much more proud of herself and it will fill her heart with joy in a way that only truly working and waiting for something of value can give you!
I can just imagine her joy when she tells me one day she got Student of the Month.
The best things in life are worth the wait!!!


  1. Aww, what a sweet story and what a big heart your daughter has! I hope she gets it!! :)

  2. Great post and it's so good she's learning this at an early age. Patience is hard, but if you believe it, you will do it!