Thursday, January 24, 2013

Becoming a fighter

So I sort of talked about how I got "pissed off" at Charleston when my body did not want to cooperate. In retrospect, I believe that it was a good thing that I finally got pissed because what came out of that feeling was something very powerful. I think it sparked a feeling of pure determination that I believe I needed to summons to get me through this test. I remember thinking fine this is all there is today but this will not be how my stories ends . I became more determined to fight through this and marshall every resource to overcome. At mile 8, when circumstances may have  made me crumble to tears, I turned inward with prayers and the resolve that came from those moments in my own head was a fighter attitude. I knew that giving up was not an option and right than I knew I had to fight. At that moment, I became a fighter.

fight the good fight

Since that spark, my motivation level for training has been high and the resolved to see this through has deepened.

I think prior to this event, I was losing motivation to fight and train. Runs were becoming slower and my attitude was teetering. It was taking much more mental fight to even run my recovery runs.

So defiantly I am training my heart out this week and very optimistic that all will come together when it suppose too!

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