Saturday, January 26, 2013

Adapt & Overcome

I thought I would write about this just because it is on my mind. Overall this week, I have felt worlds better overall. High energy and really feeling good overall and think the meds have finally kicked in. I am pretty happy about this feeling and hadn't realized how tired and fatigued I was until this week. I have not been as tired and given this is my highest mileage week ever that is a bit surprising.

Well I am not sure it is all going to be as simple as get on meds, feel better, run better. I got a call from my sport med dr on Tuesday saying I needed to go an endocrinologist because some of the numbers on the thyroid panel were concerning and needed to be addressed and referred me to an endocrinologist  I told them to send me the results in the mail and I wanted to research my options and not just go any old endo. Based on the results, I do not have thyroid disorder I have a what is called Hashimoto's disease which is a autoimmune disorder in which your body is attacking the thyroid which causes the thyroid to either overproduce TSH or under-produce TSH.  So you can swing between hyper & hypo dramatically but the key is to get it stabilized so further damage is not done.  I am still seeing my general practioner dr and she took blood on Thursday to see what the TSH reading is and if we can get it stabilize through Synthroid alone or if they need to add a T3 replacement to the mix. I also need to look into being gluten free as many Hashimoto peps have gluten issues so I may be overhauling my diet as well to help alleviate symptoms to run better and for long-term health issues.

While this is a lot to take in I am confident that God gave me this issue because I can handle it and that is just part of the journey. I will OVERCOME :-) hehe

Adapt & overcome

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