Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Effort is Everything

One of the dumber things I've ever heard....this is why stupid people stay stupid. A stubborn action does not become less stubborn or more right because a person just constantly stands by it hence the continuous effort.  Intelligence is crucial but yes, often wasted by laziness.

HAHA :-) So today I went into the PT just to have some upkeep done my shin. I do not want it coming back so I got some prehab work on it as it had felt tight in my last two runs. Anyway I was telling him that I about thyroid condition. I said something to the effect just watch out when I get my body regulated and I will finally have loads of energy and no longer be so depressed. Totally joking cause anyone knowing me would say that I am far from depressed and lacking energy but that is the great thing the meds are suppose to help me be more energetic!! Ha - Jamie 10X !!! hehehe Anyway no luck on starting up today as Dr office telephoned to say that the labs is backed up from the holidays and uptick winter related illness. So I will have to wait. Thankfully I have my health so I patiently I will wait knowing that the delay is not stopping the inevitability of my comeback in 2013!

I had a workout that wasn't as easy as I had hoped and I had to fight through it. I did not feel good in my warm-up but often is the case where you don't feel particularly awesome and can go on to rock a workout. Today did not go like that. Today was a day I did not feel good from beginning to end but I never gave up and saw the workout through to completion. So there is a win in there!

Do what you can with what you have on any given day!

Did I want to call it a day at the end of interval #1 - Yes - Did I want to call a day after Interval # 2 - Very much! Did I want to stop and vomit during interval #3 - Yes, 2X!! Did I stop - Nope! Did I vomit - Nope! Am I tired - You bet!! Did I rock the pace - Not so much! Did I rock out effort-wise? You bet!!

So effort and pace aren't always the same thing - sometimes the pace will not reflect the effort you are giving due lots of reasons but for me if I am not sufficiently recovered from other runs that it seems like workouts are much harder so I will work to keep easy pace easier especially given the thyroid condition at the moment. If the thyroid is stressed it can take the body much longer to recover so I need to be extra patient.

Today I did the best I could do both physically and mentally to keep this workout from going off the rails plus I ran really hilly routes so there is that too. I know the times do not neccassary the effort but I worked hard today nonetheless.

Workout was 2 w/u & 3 X 2.5 miles @ MP pace with 3 minutes rest

# 1 - 7:35
# 2 - 7:40
# 3 - 7:33

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  1. way to work through to the end! i hope your thyroid problem gets better soon. i dealt with a sluggish thyroid after i had my kids, but eventually got through it.

    "even effort" was one of my mantras that helped me get through CIM in december :)